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Muse: Do more with your mind and more with your life

Muse: Do more with your mind and more with your life

Muse: the brain sensing headband uses a scientifically proven approach to help you train your brain so that you can manage stress and feel more calm.

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Sound you can feel.

The Dolby Atmos experience
has to be heard to be believed.

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What to look for in
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More than tech for
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Give more than just tech
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5 Toys that Make You Smarter as You Use Them!



Do you want to be smarter? I know I do! Which is why in today's blog I'm scoping out 5 cool toys (& toy categories) that actually make you smarter as you use them. Oh sure, you may not see immediate results, but there's certainly no doubt that the toys I'm blogging about today are enormously helpful in the development of one's intellect! Whether your talents lie in the Arts, the Sciences, or one of the many other of life's many worthy pursuits, there's bound to be something for everyone in our toy list today! So read on to check them all out and begin the process of becoming smarter.

Holiday performance must haves: tips and gadgets



As a music teacher, I always encourage my students to perform as often as they can, regardless of age, level or discipline. Whether they’ve been learning for five months or five years, recitals and gigs are a great way to showcase students’ hard work and push them to excel at their instrument.For a lucky few, nerves aren’t a problem; some use their anxiety as a way to adrenalize themselves and get excited. For others, especially younger or beginner musicians, their nerves can get the best of them  How can this be avoided? The best advice I can give is to be 110% prepared. Take a look at the tips and gadgets below to sound polished and professional in time for your next recital, concert or gig.

Top Children's Tablets for Holiday Gift Giving


In today's blog I examine a number of great children's tablets for gift giving and consider what's what in the world of youth technology! From LeapFrog tablets to, well, everything else, come along and learn for yourself what's available for today's tech savvy tots!

Put Some Sparkle in the Season with Baby Jewelry



On a hunt to make my baby look more 'girly' I discovered baby jewelry with Cubic Zirconia.  They're great stocking stuffers with the holidays approaching!

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