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It's New Nintendo 3DS XL Unboxing time! [Video]

Available Feb 13.jpg

Four years ago Nintendo introduced the world to their revolutionary new glasses-free 3D gaming console, Nintendo 3DS, and now the company is set to redefine handheld gaming once again with the New Nintendo 3DS XL. Releasing in Canada on February 13, New Nintendo 3DS XL is the next big leap in handheld gaming, adding tons of great new features to an already impressive portable gaming device. Want to know what those new features are? Come check out this unboxing video I prepared, giving you an overview of the console and what to expect when it comes to Future Shop in less than three week's time!

A first look at Windows 10



Today was a huge day for Microsoft. They just had their big Windows 10 briefing event where they gave everyone a glimpse of the future and what a glorious future it is. There certainly was quite a lot of news to talk about. Windows 10 looks like a big jump for the platform which will make many exciting changes. This goes beyond the PC to tablets, phones, games, and beyond as we’ll see. This is the start of a new generation of more personal computing. After today I can’t wait for Windows 10 to roll out. I’m sure after seeing more of the Windows 10 news you’ll feel the same way.

Evolve Xbox One Open Beta Impressions



It's hunting time! For the last five days I've braved the wilderness in the Evolve Xbox One Open Beta, seeking to find, and eliminate, the deadliest monsters humanity has ever encountered. Two-story high brutes that can snap you like a twig. Flying beasts that can fry you with electric blasts. And lethal teleporting assassins with blades-for-hands. Luckily, I didn't hunt alone, as with me was a team of specialized soldiers more than capable of downing these nightmarish creatures.

Spot the differences to win an ultimate football experience



I love football. As a kid I used to play it during lunch hours at school, and for hours after school.  I rarely get an opportunity to toss the ball around now, but I still love the game—especially during the NFL playoffs, even when my favourite team (Baltimore) has been eliminated.  The game is just a lot of fun.  Future Shop and LG are giving everyone a chance to have some fun during the playoffs with the “spot the differences” contest.  Check out how you might win an amazing ultimate home theatre including an LG 4K TV:

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