Super Smash Bros Brawl (Nintendo Wii)

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Super Smash Bros Brawl (Nintendo Wii)



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Welcome to a brawl for the ages, where anything can happen, anyone can show up, and all bets are off! Nintendo worlds collide! This action-packed fighting game features a ridiculous number of characters that have appeared on Nintendo platforms, from Mario to Link to Pikachu... to Solid Snake! *Please Note: Release date subject to change without notice.

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As they square off in famous locales drawn from the rich history of Nintendo, literally anything can happen... and usually does. With limitless customizing options, items and weapons that boggle the mind, and a wealth of modes, this game has truly infinite replay ability.

The Subspace Emissary arrives! Super Smash Bros. Brawl features a sprawling adventure mode called "The Subspace Emissary" that's a full game in and of itself. Players jump and brawl their way through enemy-packed side-scrolling levels, meeting up with other characters and watching incredible cinematic.


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  • Michelle
  • from Edmonton, AB
  • Sep 14, 2013

Fantastic buy!

People will often dislike games like this, because of what else is available and what the game market is making their current living off of. SSB:B is a classic-bound fighting game, perfect for a group of friends looking to kick eachother's butts. While the previous game had a problem with repetitive unlockable characters (characters that were almost identical moveset-wise to characters available from the start), this one fixes that issue by giving each new character a unique playstyle, and a unique ultimate move. I really enjoy this game, and the online mode is a lot of fun. It was well worth the money.

  • corbett
  • from winnipeg
  • Nov 12, 2010

people are stupid

people be hating on this game cause they suck at life and playing this game. anyways get it, best game ever, its part of mlg. also enjoyable music, wi-fi, huge character roster and alot of fun. but character balance is offregardless its just as good as its older versions. and fyi it isnt a button masher thats why you get better at play the game.

  • Adam
  • from Victoria, BC
  • Feb 23, 2009

Worst game I have ever played

This game is seriously over-hyped. It is a 2 button masher and usually you end up doing the same attack over and over and over and over again because it is the only one worth using. This game is BORING Little kids will like it just for the fact Sonic can punch Mario but once an intelligent person sees past that they will realize what a horrible game this really is. What else would you expect from the Wii it truly earns it rep for lacking quality games.

  • lol
  • from BC
  • Aug 12, 2008


this game is much more defence and dodging more than hitting the opponent more, faster like the original. This one is a little more realistic, but i still can't get enough

  • Chey
  • from St.Catharines
  • Jul 05, 2008


This game is a MUST-HAVE if you own a wii, andor have ever played Meele. I loved how there are more characters to chose from, how you can make your own stage, and the story mode Unbelievable You can use either the wii remoteor the gamecube controllers for meele fans like myself but either way you're sure to never regret buying this.