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Pioneer SMA Wireless Speakers. Superior Sound Without Boundaries.

Pioneer SMA Wireless Speakers.
Superior Sound Without Boundaries.

How amazing would this be: You’re chilling at home, whip out your smartphone, and call up your favourite playlist, instantly filling the room with rich, clear audio coming from a small speaker sitting on a table nearby. Even more amazing, you can bring this speaker with you wherever you go and enjoy the same wireless, convenient listening experience while you’re hanging out with your friends.

The Pioneer SMA line of wireless speakers make all of this happen. The A1, A3, and A4 speakers are packed with state-of-the-art wireless technology and top-end audio components, wrapped in a stylish, minimalist design that’ll look great pretty much anywhere.

What's new.

Wire less, enjoy more.

Wire-less, enjoy more.

In the age of smartphones and tablets, wireless convenience is everything. The Pioneer SMA speakers are packed with the latest wireless technologies so you can enjoy stellar sound without cords to tie you down. With wireless connectivity, there’s no need to worry about whether your device has the right port or connector, like when you want to share your playlist at a party and you discover that your iPhone 5 can’t plug into your friend’s iPod dock because it has a different port. The SMA speakers will work any smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac computer.

AirPlay compatibility right out of the box allows the SMA speakers to stream music from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or iTunes-equipped Mac or PC computer through your home’s Wi-Fi network. You can access playback and volume controls through your iDevice, so you won’t even have to get off the couch to dial up the tunes you’re in the mood for.

HTC One series smartphone owners will love the fact that the SMA speakers are compatible with HTC Connect, a service that’s built right into the HTC One phones. Similar to AirPlay, all you have to do is call up the song you want, hit play, and enjoy.

DLNA is a wireless standard that’s built into many devices, like smartphones, stereo systems, TVs, and more. The SMA speakers are DLNA 1.5 certified, so they can wirelessly connect with these DLNA-equipped devices and stream your music. It doesn’t get much easier.

Wi-Fi? Here’s why.

Wi-Fi? Here’s why.

The SMA A1, A3, and A4 speakers all use the Wi-Fi wireless standard to stream your music, as opposed to the Bluetooth technology employed in some other products. Wi-Fi has higher bandwidth capacities so it can carry more data, which translates into better overall audio quality. Also, Wi-Fi has a longer range than Bluetooth and tends to transmit better through solid objects like walls or furniture, so you can use an SMA speaker pretty much anywhere in your home. Pick up multiple SMA speakers and you can create a multi-room audio system so the fun doesn’t have to stop just because you’ve walked into another room.

Wi-Fi? Here’s why.

No Wi-Fi available? No problem, the SMA line has you covered. These speakers use Pioneer’s exclusive Wireless Direct technology to generate their own Wi-Fi access point, so you can still wirelessly stream music from your smartphone to the speaker without having to set up a Wi-Fi network.

Give your ears some love.

Give your ears some love.

Okay, we’ve established that the SMA line of speakers has amazing wireless convenience. The other part of the equation is amazing sound quality, and the A1, A3, and A4 have that in spades. All of the SMA speakers have 2-way speakers and a front bass-reflex port, while the A4 kicks it up a notch with an additional 4" subwoofer for deep, bone-rattling bass. The sound tuning and driver design were created by Pioneer Chief Speaker Engineer Andrew Jones, resulting in a clear, natural, and incredibly authentic sound experience. Your ears will love you for it.

You like to play outside. So does your music.

You like to play outside. So does your music.

The A3 speaker features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, covered ports, scratch-resistant matte finish, and water-resistant design (IPX2 rated), so it’s the perfect way to broadcast your tunes while you’re lounging by the pool or enjoying a bonfire on the beach with your buddies.

Plug in and power up.

The SMA speakers come with USB connectivity so if your iPhone, iPad, or iPod is running low on juice, just connect it to the USB port and give your iDevice a power boost to keep the tunes flowing.

Why you want it.

The only thing better than rocking out to your favourite tunes is doing it with the freedom of wireless technology and awesome audio quality. The Pioneer SMA line of speakers packs the latest wireless standards, superb sound, and versatile portability into a sleek, timeless design.