Alienware gaming laptops and desktops

Tech Spotlight

Alienware was established in 1996 by two PC gaming fanatics, Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila, who had been using their expertise to build custom PC gaming rigs for their friends. They decided to share their elite gaming machine designs with a wider audience, guided by the simple philosophy of “build it as if it were your own,” and Alienware was born.

PC Gaming Pioneers

Alienware was the first company to offer personalized gaming laptops and desktops, with configurable features and components to meet each player’s unique needs and preferences. They popularized the concept that the gaming machine could look as dynamic and stylish as the games themselves, and created new design concepts like adding colour options to desktops. They pioneered the creation of high-end gaming laptops by placing powerful desktop CPUs and discrete and dual graphics in laptop chassis. Alienware was also the first to use liquid cooling and active thermal venting of CPUs to help reduce heat buildup, as well as deck out gaming computers with AlienFX customizable lighting.

Quality, Performance, Dependability, and Style

Alienware laptops and desktops are built for the gamer, and so they go through a rigorous design and testing process to ensure that their desktop and laptop gaming computers can consistently generate the performance needed to provide the best PC gaming experience. Within the gaming community Alienware has earned a reputation for quality, dependability, cutting-edge performance, and dynamic style.

Alienware Command Center

Alienware gaming computers aren’t just about high-octane power and eye-dazzling graphics. With the innovative features of the Alienware Command Center, you can personalize your gaming rig so it perfectly matches your needs and style.


Assign a unique profile to every game you play using the AlienAdrenaline feature. It allows you to customize a bunch of pre-determi


Alienware computers already look dynamic and futuristic, but the AlienFX System Lighting Technology gives you up to 512 billion lighting combinations that you can customize to make the machine truly yours. You can even create special lighting sequences to respond to in-game events.


With AlienFusion power management controls you can easily alter your power settings depending on what you’re doing. Max out the power levels when you’re playing a huge, graphics-intensive game, then dial it back down when you’re doing regular stuff like browsing the web.