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Your HD viewing experience is about to evolve with the introduction of 4K resolution Ultra HD. With crisp picture playback, 4K includes 4x the amount of overall pixels found in 1080p TVs. Get ready to embark on a cognitive journey of impeccable visuals and sounds that sets 4K Ultra HD apart from the rest.

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Sony X900 3D Smart 4K UHD TV

Sony X900 3D Smart 4K UHD TV

The Sony X900 3D Smart 4K UHD TV combines ultra-sharp 4K display technology with Smart TV capabilities, super-clear 3D, and other cutting edge features.

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LG LM9600 4K Ultra HD TV

LG LM9600 4K Ultra HD TV

The LG LM9600 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV is your dream TV come to life, packed full of cutting-edge technologies and features.

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What is 4K? Explaining the Technical Details

By gadjosevilla from 03-23-2014



4K or Ultra HD is where the industry is headed. 4K relates to the amount of resolution in terms of pixels on a screen and it is estimated at around 4,000 horizontal pixes (thus 4K) which is roughly four times the resolution of 1080p HD, today's standard for Blu-Rays and full-HD broadcasts.


4K promises to bring greter detail, depth and colour range with four times the amount of video information as we're used to. While this is an exciting proposition, the new 4K standards require that movies and content be shot in native 4K resolution using 4K capable cameras, same for broadcasts and even Internet streaming services which will require increased bandwidth to push resolution that's four times the quality of HD.

What does regular content look like on a 4K TV

By CoreyHerscu from 03-11-2014



With the exception of wearable technology, the buzz in the tech world has been the introduction of 4K – or UltraHD – TV to mainstream use.  In case you’ve been TV-illiterate for the last few years, let’s give you a high-level overview of what 4K actually means: the average HD-ready TV pumps out about 1920x1080 pixels, giving us what we know as high-definition TV. To our eyes, we see super-clear programming that – paired with the right television – makes those high-paid actors on the screen seem almost life-like.  Great right? To most of us, this is sufficient for the amount of TV we are watching. But there is that other percent of watchers who want the best of the best; for them, there is now 4K TV. Remember that pixel count we just spoke of in HD TV? Consider it yesterday’s news. 4K TV’s have a pixel resolution of 4096x2160.


Jaw dropping, I know. 

4K movies
Where's My 4K Content? What You Can Watch NOW in Glorious 4K

By ErinLYYC from 03-09-2014

mib 4k.jpgOne of the biggest complaints about 4K TV is not that it isn’t the best video quality around.  Up to now the biggest problem has been that there’s nothing broadcast in true 4K to watch.  


Things are changing, albeit slowly.  Several of the major broadcasters and content providers are making a lot more content available, whether it’s classic movies, or brand new must-see TV.

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Detail. Multiplied.

Whether you’re watching the quick action of playoff hockey or taking in the latest special effects blockbuster, ensure you experience every stunning detail in Ultra HD. With four times the resolution of Full HD, 4K Ultra HD boasts over eight-million pixels to produce lifelike colour, vivid brightness, and authentic detail. Even if you’re inches away or watching from a sharp angle, 4K allows you to soak in each detail as it’s meant to be seen.

Moving on up.

Not only are existing DVD and Blu-ray Discs able to be upscaled by 4K technology, but old movies and smartphone clips can be enhanced with noticeable results. Whether you’re watching a new 3D movie in Full HD, streaming a YouTube clip, or embarking on a Netflix marathon, your videos will be analyzed, refined, and delivered in higher detail thanks to 4K TV technology.