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Android is a mobile operating system designed to give you total control over your work, play, and everything in between. Select the perfect tablet for your lifestyle and enjoy the hands-on functionality of Android.

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What is an Android Tablet and which is the Best Android Tablet for You?

You'll find the most versatile selection of devices in the Android tablet family. The Google-owned Android operating system is used by Samsung Galaxy, HTC Nexus, Asus MeMO and Kobo Arc tablets, to name a few. Like virtually all tablets, they feature high-resolution touchscreen displays, increasingly more powerful processors and thinner, lighter designs with each generation. There are basic features you'll currently find on most Android tablets, and some you'll find on only a few. Here you can familiarize yourself with some of the major features, so when you browse Future Shop's selection you can focus on which unique features add up to the best Android tablet for you.

Basic Features

• Expandable memory: in addition to internal memory, Android tablets come with built-in MicroSD slots which can add up to 64GB in extra storage capacity

• Wireless connectivity: integrated WiFi, Bluetooth and optional cellular capabilities let you access the internet, upload, download or stream files or multimedia content via an available network

• USB connectivity: you can connect your tablet to virtually any computer and transfer files just like you would with an external hard drive or flash drive

• Cameras: look for different specs on different devices, but most -- if not all -- Android tablets will have at least one camera, and many will feature both front and rear-facing cameras for taking still images, shooting HD video and making video calls

• Access to apps, music and movies: you can find free apps or buy and download apps, music and movies through the Google Play store

• Default apps: Android tablets are highly customizable with a variety of third-party apps, but by default they use Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Books, Google Talk and Google Chrome

• Google Now: Android's voice-activated digital assistant performs certain voice commands within the Google Search and Google Chrome apps

Additional Features

• HDMI output: this option lets you connect your tablet to an HD television or monitor and send the video and audio signal, so you can stream movies or play games on a big screen

• Fingerprint scanner: models like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S feature fingerprint recognition so only registered users can access the device

• Multi-window: certain Samsung Galaxy models let you split the screen so you can truly multitask, even watch videos or navigate your music library while you work or chat

• Cellular connection (4G/LTE): certain Android tablets come cellular-equipped, meaning you can add your tablet to a new or existing data plan to unleash its true wireless potential