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Apple iPod: iPod Touch, Nano, Shuffle & iPod Classic

How do you like to enjoy your mobile entertainment? Do you like to listen to a random selection of tunes while working out at the gym or going for a run? Would you like to have your entire music collection with you everywhere you go? Or do you like having multiple entertainment options, including music, videos, web browsing, and games? Regardless of your preferences, there’s an Apple iPod that’s right up your alley.

iPod touch

This is the iPod that’s so much more than just a music player. Sure, iPod touch plays music – and with the built-in iTunes app you can even browse and buy music right on iPod touch – but that’s just scratching the surface. Games, Internet access (through Wi-Fi), HD video capture, FaceTime video chats, iCloud (for automatic wireless syncing of photos, emails, and much more), and access to over 500,000 apps – really, there’s not much that iPod touch can’t do!

iPod classic

This is the perfect iPod for those music lovers who have enormous collections. With 160GB of storage, iPod classic can hold up to 40,000 songs, and with 36 hours of battery life you’ll have access to all the music you can handle. iPod classic also plays videos and displays photos, so you might never be bored ever again.

iPod nano

s tiny music player has some big functionality – namely, it’s equipped with a multi-touch screen, allowing you to tap and swipe your way through your playlists. Give iPod nano a shake to shuffle to a random song in your music library, listen to FM radio, or wear it as a watch – you can choose from 18 different watch faces and attach iPod nano to a strap so it can ride on your wrist.

iPod shuffle

you’re all about the music and want a player that stays out of your way, you should take a close look at iPod shuffle. Available in a range of bright, attractive colours, iPod shuffle is a compact, simple, and practical music player. The clickable control pad is an easy way to control your music, and iPod shuffle gives you 2GB of storage and up to 15 hours of battery life. Hit the VoiceOver button and iPod shuffle will speak the title and artist of the song you’re listening to, the names of your playlists, and even tell you if the battery needs to be charged.