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Last Gen VS. Next Gen Consoles To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?

By BradPajuluoma from 08-31-2014

Xbox One and PS4.jpg


If you are like me, a console gamer, every 5 or so years, you will be faced with a tough decision. When should you upgrade to the next generation of gaming consoles? Back in the earlier days of console gaming this was pretty obvious especially with the huge jumps in graphics and other related tech. Going from 8-bit machines(like the Nintendo Entertainment System) to 16-bit machine (like the SEGA Genesis and the Super Nintendo) was like a dream come true everything was such a huge change, graphics, sounds and games all had major upgrades. These days however, the reasons to upgrade aren’t quite as straight forward.

Hands-on at The Evolution of Gaming

By Graham from 08-31-2014


This year is a little different for me: the last weekend in August is PAX - the Penny Arcade Expo. I’ve been there without fail for the last six years, but this year? This year I’m home playing games instead. Earlier in August I had a chance to visit the Centre for Digital Media here in Vancouver, to check out the Evolution of Gaming exhibit. It’s amazing just how far gaming has evolved, and where it’s going next. Let’s take a look.

Pre-Order Project Cars on FutureShop.ca and get the Modified Car Pack, Free!

By PaulH from 08-29-2014

Project Cars - Modified Car Pack header.jpg

This November, renowned UK-based developer Slightly Mad Studios is preparing to release their most realistic, gorgeous and technically-advanced racing game ever with Project Cars. This ambitious project initially began life as a PS3 and Xbox 360 game, but with the advent of the next-generation gaming consoles, development switched over to PS4 and Xbox One. The additional power of these advanced gaming consoles is being put to good use as Project Cars is nothing short of stunning. Come check this game out!

Pre-Order Bonus question

by Fred1712 from 08-28-2014 | 101 Views

Decent priced lap top for gaming

by saravt from 08-26-2014 | 97 Views

Trade in Deal

by Rizzy13 from 08-23-2014 | 510 Views

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