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Review: WWE 2K15 wrestles its way onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

By PaulH from 12-16-2014



The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of 2K Sports' WWE 2K15 have arrived! These enhanced editions boast significant upgrades, including the most realistic WWE superstars in franchise history, incredibly fluid motion-captured signature moves, and an all-new MyCareer mode that will take you from NXT rookie all the way to headlining Wrestlemania for the WWE gold. Time to lace up your wrestling boots, it's five knuckle shuffle time!

Review: Far Cry 4 takes you on an elephant tour through a fierce revolution

By debaser17 from 12-15-2014

Far Cry 4 Kyrat.jpg


Ubisoft is back with another entry in its increasingly popular Far Cry series. This time around Far Cry 4 takes us to the fictional Himalayan nation of Kyrat, a land embroiled in civil war and teeming with well-armed soldiers, mercenaries, freedom fighters, and vicious wildlife for good measure. Did I mention you can ride an elephant? What are you waiting for?!

Overview: PlayStation Experience, so many games coming for Sony fans!

By BradPajuluoma from 12-13-2014

Sony PlayStation Experience.jpg


This last weekend saw the very first Sony PlayStation Experience event, in Las Vegas. This gave fans a chance to be part of Sony’s big plans for the next year. Those plans being games, games and more games!!!

How dose this work with trading in a system and games and other stuff to

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Meta Knight amiibo

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20th Anniversary PS4

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Teens React: Retro Gaming (Mega Man)

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Shadow of Mordor- This Friday Only!

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Asus GR 20 upgradable ?

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