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Carriers & Slings



Baby Carriers and Slings Built for Precious Cargo

You can always bring your baby along with you in a stroller or by holding your precious one in your arms, but it’s hard to beat a baby carrier as a convenient way to keep your baby close, free your hands, and get some snuggling in at the same time.

Baby carriers come in three main types: front carriers, baby slings, and baby backpacks, each of which has their own particular strengths and best usage cases. Take a look at the characteristics of each of these types in order to figure out which will work best for you and your little bundle of joy.

Baby Carriers

Front carriers are usually designed with two shoulder straps that connect to a harness with a fabric seat for baby. When placed in a front carrier your baby is nestled in close to your chest or, with certain models, you can wear your child on your back. In most baby carriers your infant can either face you – which is generally best for newborns who don’t have strength in their necks yet – or face outwards. Front carriers work well for larger babies, but aren’t always convenient for breastfeeding.

Baby Slings

A baby sling is composed of a piece of cloth that supports your child and is worn over one shoulder. You can get baby slings that are either padded or just plain cloth, and some come with rings for easier adjustments. A baby sling is great for breastfeeding, but since all the weight is concentrated on one shoulder they can get uncomfortable if you wear them for long periods of time, or if your baby is on the heavier side.

Baby Backpacks

Baby backpacks look and function much like any other backpack, except your cargo will be far more precious. This is a great option for when you're planning longer walks or even hikes and want to include your baby on the adventure. A lightweight and ergonomic structural design will go a long way in balancing the weight on your shoulders and back. And for keeping it clean, baby carrier accessories like a soft, waterproof bib will do the trick.