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Review: Fairy Fencer F is a fast-paced JRPG worth hanging around for

By debaser17 from 10-01-2014

Fairy Fencer F Fairize.jpg

Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) enthusiasts may want to consider not packing away their PlayStation 3 consoles just yet! There are still a few new releases that aren't bridging the cross-platform generational gap, and developer Compile Heart's latest offering is one worth checking out for fans of the genre. Fairy Fencer F is a promising new title with the potential to become a lasting and endearing franchise.

Review: Metro Redux, back to the Moscow underground.

By BradPajuluoma from 09-25-2014

 Metro Redux Title.jpg


Now post apocalyptic settings have been commonplace in video games for quite some time now. Many of us, have ventured the wastelands in the Fallout series. I myself have easily spent over 200 hundred hours there throughout all the games in the franchise. Games like Darksiders take a much more fantastical approach, with all the burnt out cars and destroyed building still present, giving us the feel and look of Earth after the apocalypse. Many more games have done this idea in numerous ways, Half-Life 2, STALKER, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, The Walking Dead, LEFT4DEAD and the list goes on. Out of all these numerous titles one game series has always stood out to me, with it’s unmatched narrative and a setting which one could deem quite possible, simply called Metro and with Metro Redux, its time to go back to the Moscow underground.

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Review: NHL 15 breaks ground on the next generation of hockey simulation

By debaser17 from 09-24-2014

NHL 15 Karlsson Ovechkin Deke.jpg


EA Sports has finally ushered its beloved hockey franchise into the new console era with NHL 15, releasing on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. While previous generation gamers can enjoy an experience very similar to 2013's offering, current generation gamers will see a noticable improvement in the overall look and feel of the game, if only at the cost of a few significant features.

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