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Car Speakers give you a Better In-Car Music Experience

Bring out the best in your system with a set of car speakers. They’re not just about having loud sound, they’re about having better sound – sound that maintains clarity at both high and low levels, and brings your in-car listening experience to new heights. Future Shop carries a wide selection of the best car speakers, in a variety of sizes), from brands like Infinity, Alpine, MTX, Ultimate, Kenwood, and Energy.

What to Look for in Car Speakers

There are a few things to consider when shopping for car speakers to ensure you’re getting the right ones. The first is sensitivity. If your system or amplifier is high powered, low sensitivity car speakers are what you’re looking for – and vice versa. The next is power – a high powered system will require car speakers that can handle that amount of output. Look at the speakers’ RMS rating (that means how much power it can handle consistently), and match that to your system or amplifier.

Full Range vs. Component Speakers

A question that we’re often asked is, ‘what type of car speakers do I choose?’ Everyone’s needs are different, so we try to simplify it this way: If you want to upgrade your existing factory system with minimal fuss, or a budget, full range speakers are the way to go. You’ll get better sound, for a lower cost, and installation is relatively easy. Now, if you’re looking for a system that you can really dial in, component car speakers are your candidate. Component speakers let you truly customize your sound. However, the installation is a bit trickier and more costly – best left to a professional.