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Combo Units: Keep Your Ride Secure and Comfortable

Sure, your car is a machine that gets you from A to B, but it can also be a cherished travelling companion, mobile office, and much more. As such, it deserves to be protected, and a Combo Unit installed by Geek Squad is an effective way to make sure your four-wheeled friend stays safe.

Your ride should also be comfortable and well maintained -- nobody likes to get into a freezing cold vehicle on frigid winter mornings. Besides, manufacturers discourage driving a cold engine to ensure proper functionality and prevent unwanted mechanical issues. When Geek Squad installs your new combo unit, you and your car will never have to endure this discomfort and insecurity again. Operate your vehicle with confidence.

Here are some things to look for when you’re choosing a starter, alarm, or combo for your vehicle:


The range of your system allows you to start/arm/disarm the vehicle from farther away. The longer the range, the better the signal transmission so you can ensure your vehicle is nice and warm by the time you get to it.

1-way vs. 2-way Remotes

1-way remotes allow for basic functionality and transmit a signal from the remote to your vehicle. 2-way remote systems send useful, real-time information back to your remote so you’ll know when your vehicle is started, locked, unlocked, or even if the alarm is going off. Some 2-way remotes have LED lights or even LCD screens to better communicate this information to you.

Drone 3000

Enjoy a fully-connected car experience. Drone 3000 allows you to not only control your vehicle’s starter, alarm, or combo right from your smartphone, but you can also track your vehicle via GPS, making it easier to locate in a big parking lot. (A subscription is required.)

Professional Installation Included

Installing alarms, starters, and combos is a tricky business. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing the device is installed correctly by letting Geek Squad take care of it for you. Geek Squad Agents are trained to get the job done right the first time. Their workmanship is guaranteed for the life of the product, so if you have any issues with your unit there are over 125 Geek Squad locations across Canada to help you.

Bypass Module: Included or Not

Most vehicles 1996 or newer require what is called a bypass module in order to properly integrate with the factory computer. This is to ensure that all starters, alarms, and combos installed do not interfere with or give mixed signals to your vehicle’s computer. Basically, the bypass module ensures everything works normally in your vehicle. Geek Squad Exclusive Starters come with the bypass module in the box, and Factory Fit starters don’t require one as they are built specifically for your vehicle with a preprogrammed hand shake.