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Carry-on Luggage: Your Constant Travel companion

When you’re travelling, there are some items that you just need to keep with you but just won’t fit into your shoulder bag – like a change of clothing, toiletries, personal electronics, and your favourite paperback that you’ve already read a dozen times. A carry-on bag is the perfect way to take along all your essential gear and keep it close by. If you’re taking a shorter trip or like to travel light, you can use a carry-on to store all your stuff and make it your only luggage.

Since carry-ons are designed to fit under your seat or in the overhead compartment, they’re generally a maximum of 55 cm (21.5 inches) along their longest dimension. Before you start shopping for a new carry-on check your airline’s luggage size limits to make sure your bag isn’t too big.

Most carry-ons are equipped with wheels and a telescoping handle, so you can walk long distances without putting a huge strain on your shoulders and back. Look for inline skate wheels for greater durability and a smoother ride, while luggage equipped with spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees are extremely maneuverable – a useful feature in tight airplane aisles. The telescoping handles can be held in place either by friction or a locking mechanism – pick the one that feels best to you – and make sure it’s sturdy so it won’t snap off when you’re dragging your bag over a rough patch of gravel. Check that the grab handles (the short handles that are attached directly to the side or top of the bag) are attached to the luggage’s frame and are easily accessible. This strength and convenience will be essential when you’re struggling to lift your bag into an overheard compartment.

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