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Say Goodbye to Dropped Calls with a Cell Phone Signal Booster

Everyone, at one point or another, has experienced a dropped call as a result of a weak cell phone signal. Whether it’s because you’re out camping in the woods, in a basement, or out on the road and miles away from anything, a cell phone signal booster could be just what you need to enjoy a stronger signal with faster data rates and fewer dropped calls. It works by not only amplifying your phone’s outgoing signal, but also enhancing the incoming one, too. So, your phone will work in places it hadn’t before. So what kind of cell phone signal boosters are available? Future Shop carries a handful of select cell phone signal boosters from trusted brands like Wilson to help you achieve a stronger signal in numerous situations. Take a look below to find out which one works best for you.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for your Car

Maybe you’re on vacation. Maybe you’re camping. Or maybe your work takes across long, barren distances. In any of these cases, you’ll want a cell phone booster for your car. There are two types to choose from: First, as an antenna that’s affixed to the exterior of your vehicle; and second, a cradle with an integrated antenna that places your phone within your grasp. With either of these designs, you’ll experience fewer dropped calls, and more consistent data throughput.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for your Home

Some areas of your home or apartment, for whatever reason, get poor cell coverage. In these cases, you have two options – wireless or direct connection cell phone signal booster. The wireless version requires no physical connection, so you have the freedom to walk around the room while you talk. They also support more than one device at a time, giving everyone in the vicinity a better signal. A direct connect cell phone signal booster requires a physical connection to your cell phone, and is usually best suited to rural areas where cell coverage is quite weak.