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Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer (49984C)
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Sale ends: March 19, 2015

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer (49984C)

(8 ratings)

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Cuisinart 12-Cup Extreme Brew Coffeemaker (DCC-3650C)
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Sale ends: March 5, 2015

Cuisinart 12-Cup Extreme Brew Coffeemaker (DCC-3650C)

(2 ratings)

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DeLonghi Burr Coffee Grinder (KG89) - Stainless Steel
Save $15
Sale ends: March 19, 2015

DeLonghi Burr Coffee Grinder (KG89) - Stainless Steel

(8 ratings)

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Coffee: The Perfect Brew for You

All coffees are not created equal, and neither are the methods used to create them. When it comes to single-serve beverage makers, Future Shop carries a great selection of drinks for the three major single serve systems: Keurig’s K-Cups, TASSIMO’s T DISCs, and Nescafé’s Dolce Gusto pods. Within each system are a variety of flavours, roasts, and types of beverage; if you’re still looking for your favourite, or want to try something new, read on for some useful information.


Keurig K-Cup System

Keurig’s K-Cup system has the widest selection of flavours and drinks to choose from. The Keurig brewers use just the right amount of pressure and water at just the right temperature to squeeze the maximum amount of flavour out of each K-Cup. If you prefer to use your own coffee or tea, pick up a My K-Cup resusable filter and enjoy complete drink freedom.


Nescafé Dolce Gusto System

The brewers from Nescafé use 15 bars of pressure, just like the machine in your favourite coffee shop. With that much pressure your favourite Nescafé latte, cappuccino, tea, or hot chocolate takes just seconds to make.



With TASSIMO the secret to a perfect cup is hidden in the barcode, printed on every T DISC. The brewer reads the barcode, then adjusts the settings for water amount, temperature, and pressure so it’s just right for that particular drink. The TASSIMO system is great for creating fancy drinks like cappuccinos, hot chocolates, and chai tea lattes.


Coffee Roasts

Once you’ve picked the single-serve system that meets your needs, there’s still the question of which coffee flavour that’s most tantalizing to your taste buds. Roasting coffee beans brings out the flavour and aroma that’s normally locked inside, and the type of roast will have a strong effect on the ultimate flavour of the coffee. Understanding these different types of roasts will help get you on your way to coffee nirvana.

Light roasts like New England are lighter brown in colour and have a milder taste. American roast is a medium-level roast, which is generally not too light or heavy in flavour, and is very popular in – you guessed it – America. If you prefer something darker try French roast, dark French roast, or Italian roast – these types tend to have a stronger flavour with more bitterness and less acidity. Try a few of these out and discover the perfect roast for yourself!