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Stoves & Ovens

Range Wars: Induction vs. Gas Ranges!

By Leo_Bond from 11-19-2014




Are you ready for some rock-em sock-em ranges? Think you know which type is best?? Truly the answer depends on several different factors that ultimately boil down to each end user's individual needs. In other words, each of these oven types certainly has its place. In today's blog I examine the many features and benefits of each type of range (gas vs. induction) and consider any potential drawbacks that either system may have. The bottom line: Whichever type of range wins with you personally and best suits your individual cooking requirements, you're the true winner here for doing your research and uncovering which type of range you need! So click on through and read my blog to begin the learning process! And just for the record, the winning range type is...

Oven 101: Everything you need to know before buying a new oven

By ErinLYYC from 09-02-2014



The oven.  It’s the hearth of the home, and the heart of the kitchen.  It bakes cookies and roasts, and cooks probably the vast majority of your food.  If you’re burning, more than baking, these days or setting off the smoke detector every time you try searing, maybe it’s time to upgrade.  There are a million options as far as ovens go; I’ll take you through some of the newest technology and cool add ons, plus outline the wide range of options available.

How to Find the Perfect Stovetop for your Home

By ThePej from 07-10-2014



Are you re-designing your kitchen and thinking about purchasing a new stovetop? Deciding between gas or electric? It’s fair to say that most professional chefs choose a gas stove for their home – but is it right for you? We’ll look into the different types of stovetops and find out the best option for your kitchen.



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Whether you’re baking muffins for your child’s school bake sale or mixing up a quick stir fry for dinner, your stove is an indispensible tool for preparing food almost every day. When it’s time to upgrade to a new stove choose from Future Shop’s wide selection of stoves, ranges, ovens, cooktops and more. Read on for useful tips on how to make an informed decision for selecting your new appliance.

Gas vs. Electric

The two main types of stoves are gas and electric, and you’ll most likely choose based on how your house is equipped. (It’s possible to change your fuel source, but you’ll most likely need to do some extensive renovations.) Gas ranges incur lower costs in the long term and provide quick, precise control of heat, while electric stoves are more commonly available and give you more even baking.

Built-in and Slide-in Ranges

These ranges don’t have finished side panels because they’re designed to be surrounded by cabinetry on both sides, giving them a tight, cohesive fit with your kitchen counter and cabinets.

Electric Wall Ovens

These space-saving appliances fit right into your wall, giving your kitchen a sophisticated, professional look. Having your oven built into the wall gives you the flexibility of placing your cooktop in a separate location.


Depending on the layout of your kitchen you can place a cooktop on a centre island or on a convenient counter without having to worry about making space for an oven as well. Induction cooktops use a specialized magnetic field to create heat in your cookware, not on the cooktop surface, resulting in faster, more energy-efficient cooking and easier cleanup.

Range Hoods

Look for range hoods that have quiet fans, bright lighting systems, removable parts for easy cleaning, and a design that complements your stove.


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