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Desktop Computers



Desktop Computers Go the Extra Mile to Get the Job Done

Desktop PCs give you incredible power and features at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Ideal for playing games to working with large, resource-heavy image and video applications, desktop computers pack the power you need to work efficiently, alongside of a huge array of other features. Future Shop carries all the best desktop computers from brands like HP, Gateway, CyberpowerPC, Lenovo, and Acer. So, no matter what you need your desktop PC, we’ve got the right solution for you. Need help picking one? Keep reading for more information.

Basic Desktop Computers

Even the most basic desktop PC is equipped with great specs. It will let you do all your day to day stuff like emailing, surfing, social networking, and still pack enough processing power to handle things like high resolution video playback, image editing and organization, and a whole bunch of other things that require more power. And because of the size of a desktop computer, they’re easier to upgrade, so you can often increase the capability of the machine as you see fit.

Multimedia Desktop PCs

If you find yourself dealing with media more often, you’ll want to go with a multimedia desktop computer. These machines are designed to handle more demanding tasks like image and HD video playback and editing with ease. Many of them will also handle gaming quite well, too. So, if you’re an amateur or professional photographer or videographer – or you just want a desktop PC with a little more power under the hood, a multimedia computer is the way to go.

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