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Frequently asked questions when deciding on your next dinnerware set

1) What are the most common materials dinnerware is made of?

The most common materials are stoneware, bone china, porcelain, and tempered glass. Stoneware is made of refined clay with very few impurities and is fired at 1,100 degrees centigrade. It’s highly durable and chip-resistant. Strengthened bone china is fired twice and is considered the toughest and most durable of type of dinnerware even though it generally has a delicate look to it. Porcelain offers a smooth glass-like surface and is a more durable earthenware and stoneware but not quite as strong as bone china. Tempered glass dinnerware is impact and chip-resistant, making it the perfect choice for your everyday use.

2) What features should I look for when buying dinnerware?

When looking to buying dinnerware, decide what is important to you. Generally, three things that you want to look for in your everyday dinnerware set are whether they’re ovenproof, chip resistant, and dishwasher safe. These will ensure durability, reliability, and versatility. You can keep a plate of food warm in the oven for a friend who’s running late. At the end of dinner, you can simply put everything in the dishwasher for an easy cleanup. If you have little ones, you don’t have to worry too much about them helping set the table.

3) How is dinnerware commonly sold?

Usually, dinnerware is sold either as a set with bowls, plates, cups or individually. It depends whether you want to get a whole new set of dishes or if you’re alright with mismatched dinnerware sets. It depends on your budget and you needs – ie. Are you known for throwing formal dinner parties and therefore need a formal matching set? The most common dinnerware set is a 4-piece set with a plate, bowl, mug, and bread/dessert plate.