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Dinnerware for any occasion

Whether you want matching plates to host an impressive dinner party or a simple upgrade from the hand-me-down dinnerware set you got with your first apartment, check out Future Shop’s selection of dinnerware sets that will suit any taste and budget. From colourful, trendy designs to the timeless appeal of crisp white dishes, you’ll be able to find a selection of dinnerware sets that complement your style.

There’s nothing like matching dinnerware to make even the cheapest takeout look fancy and amazing. Outfit your entire dining room arsenal with a dinnerware set that includes matching plates, bowls, and mugs. You’ll also find a selection of specialty pieces from French onion soup bowls to bold serving dishes, so you’ll be prepared for any hosting situation. Choose from classic designs for a sophisticated high tea or vibrant kid-friendly sets for birthday parties and family get-togethers.