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Dryers: Clothes Dryers, Gas & Electric Dryers - Future Shop

Dryers are an essential part of your laundry, but perhaps for more reasons than you might think. Aside from drying your clothes, modern day clothes dryers can do other things like reduce wrinkles, which can result in less of everyone’s least-favourite chore, ironing. You can also throw some clothes into the dryer for a few minutes to freshen them up so you can wear them again without having to go through the entire wash cycle.

Clothes dryer technology has advanced, introducing new systems like condensation drying, which uses the principle of condensation (removing water from the air) to dry your clothes with less energy usage and no need for an external air vent. Steam dryers inject steam into your load to reduce wrinkles and sanitize fabrics, even the un-washable ones.

You can choose a gas dryer or electric dryer, depending on how your home is set up. Future Shop carries a wide selection of both gas dryers and electric dryers.




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