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Duffle Bags and Totes: Your Constant Travel Companion

Whether you’re travelling to another country or just to your next appointment, you’ll need a bag you can really depend on, that’ll be by your side everywhere you go while carrying all the essential gear you just can’t live without. This bag will need to be spacious enough to hold your stuff, but not so large that it becomes too bulky or awkward. You need a tote bag or duffle bag.

Most duffle and tote bags are small enough to easily sling over your shoulder or hold by hand, while other larger pieces are equipped with wheels and a telescoping handle to make it easier to get around. With quality luggage from manufacturers like Bugatti, Samsonite, Delsey, Samboro, Atlantic Luggage, Air Canada, Swissgear, Ecko, and Gino Ferrari, it’s easy to find the bag that’ll become your next travel companion.



Learn how to select the best duffle bag or tote bag for your needs with our Buying Guide:

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