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Action Figures & Dolls



Action Figures and Plush Toys at Future Shop

Put down the video game controller, hang up on your smartphone, and unplug from a constant stream of social media. It’s time to channel your inner child and unleash your imagination with Future Shop’s selection of toys, action figures, and plush collectibles, featuring mementos that will keep you amused for hours and coming back for more.

Picking up the Perfect Action Figure

Explore the vast outer space regions of a galaxy far, far away with licensed Star Wars figurines, or get hands-on with the Spartan super-soldiers of Halo to defend a galaxy that’s a bit closer to home. Shop Future Shop’s diverse selection of action figures and create impeccably epic space battles between icons such as Boba Fett and Master Chief, letting you discover your favourite fictional characters in an entirely different way, one that’s suitable for play or just to have on display.

Getting an Adrenaline Plush

Wage war against the devious pigs that plague your mobile device in a realm that’s more suited to your favour. Super soft and incredibly animated Angry Birds plush toys are perfect for enjoying an impromptu game with friends, letting you stack them up and then take delight when they come crashing down in humiliating defeat. Future Shop’s online expanded assortment even lets you shop for web-exclusive Angry Birds Star Wars plush toys, letting you combine the signature feverish pace with those out-of-this-world characters from space.

Accessorize, Stylize, and Get All Dolled Up

Find the perfect complement to your doll collection with Future Shop’s growing selection of doll accessories. Whether you’re ready to race your doll home before midnight in a perfectly plump pumpkin carriage, or take them for a serenely slow cruise on a fashionable boat, the right doll accessory will exponentially increase both your playtime and enjoyment.