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Garment Bags: Taking Care of Business (Clothes)

You might be in the type of business that requires you to look presentable and travel a lot, or maybe you need a way to bring some formal wear while you’re taking a trip, like to a relative’s wedding. If any of these scenarios apply to you then you should add a garment bag to your luggage and suitcase shopping list.

Garment bags are specially designed to store your clothes, keep them protected from damage, and make them easy to transport. They’re basically portable closets that’ll travel with you, and with brands like Delsey, Bugatti, Samboro, Gino Ferrari, and Atlantic Luggage to choose from it should be a snap to find one that fits your needs.

Many garment bags come with wheels and an extendable handle to help lighten the load. When you’re shopping make sure to check the wheels and handle to ensure they’re durable and comfortable when you pull it along behind you. Lighter garment bags are designed to be carried by hand or from a shoulder strap, so check for comfortable, padded straps and fixtures that are durable enough to handle the rigours of long flights. Strong zippers are also important to look out for – larger teeth are generally tougher and better. If you like to bring lots of smaller items with you, or if you want the garment bag to be your only bag, choose a model with lots of roomy pockets for all your stuff.



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