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Plasma TVs

Obsession-worthy plasma TVs.

Upgrade your home theatre with a plasma TV and open up a world of amazing colour, deep contrast and more. Choose an LG plasma TV, Panasonic plasma TV, and be amazed by the big, bold picture.

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Plasma TVs: Crisp, Vibrant, True-to-Life Visual

A plasma TV produces deep colours and crisp, sharp images with excellent contrast. Modern plasma TVs are more durable and reliable than their predecessors, so you don’t need to worry about issues like burn-in that used to hinder the technology. You’ll get superior picture quality, contrast, and refresh rates that will make all your entertainment look its very best.

Absolute blacks

Unlike LCD and LED televisions, plasma TVs are capable of producing absolute blacks. This means dramatically better contrast ratios for superior picture quality you can easily see with your naked eye. Rich, deep blacks ensure more depth and realism, which is ideal for movie buffs.

Truly blur-free motion

Because of the way a plasma TV creates images, it doesn’t have to deal with the motion blur that other televisions experience. No motion blur means clear, sharp images even during fast-moving action, which is fantastic for watching films and sports.

Wide viewing angles

One of the major benefits of plasma is its wide viewing angles. You won’t have to sit directly in front of the television to get the best picture quality. This is a must-have feature for bigger rooms or for when you get together with a big group of friends and family to watch a movie or the big game.