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Unleash Your Inner Mozart With an Electric Keyboard or Digital Piano

Lay down some fresh, sweet tracks with the latest and greatest in keyboards, digital pianos and synthesizers from Future Shop!

Have you got the music in you? Let it out with an electric keyboard or digital piano from Future Shop. We offer quality instruments designd by Casio, Korg, Spectrum, and Yamaha – some of the most respected names in the music industry. Whether you’re just starting out, a budding composer, or a seasoned music professional, there’s a digital instrument to suit your needs. All of them offer a wide variety of features and functions for you to experiment and explore. Which one is best for you? Let’s find out.

Electric Keyboard

If you don’t know the difference between B flat and C sharp, maybe you need to start your musical journey with an electric keyboard. This lightweight instrument provides beginners with an excellent introduction to the world of music. Electric keyboards come in 32 or 61 piano style key configurations. Basic keyboards offer features such as drum beats, piano/organ sound, and come with a songbook. More advanced keyboards offer a wider range of options, including preset music libraries, rhythms, sequencing, and interfaces to computers and other recording devices.

Digital Piano

If your home can’t handle a baby grand, maybe a digital piano is the way to go. This device recreates the experience of playing a piano, along with some useful features. Digital pianos come with a full set of 88 touch-sensitive keys, realistic piano sound, and computer connections. Some models offer additional features such as accompaniment, recording functions, and weighted keys.


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