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Laundry Pairs



Get the Best Clean With Laundry Pairs from Future Shop

When you’re moving into a new place or you need to replace your old laundry machines, getting a new laundry pair is the easiest and most sensible way to properly equip your laundry room. With a matching washer and dryer you’ll not only have a pair of machines that are designed to complement each other in terms of cleaning performance, their consistent design will also enhance the décor of your laundry room.

Modern laundry pairs are equipped with technology and features that work hand-in-hand to clean and dry your fabrics better than ever. A steam laundry pair will use the intense power of steam to remove stains, get rid of dirt, and reduce wrinkles. You can choose laundry pairs with a front load design, top load design, or stacked so they can fit into smaller spaces.

Browse our wide selection and choose from LG laundry pairs, Samsung laundry pairs, or models from other manufacturers equipped with the latest cleaning technologies.





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