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Now Hiring: Mayor of LEGO City. Inquire Within.

LEGO City needs a new mayor. The City Council is searching for a highly qualified applicant who can not only build but effectively manage the services that keep this beautiful City running. The Mayor has many responsibilities, but the most important one of all is to provide the amenities and services that the respectable citizens of LEGO City have come to expect.


Emergency Response Action.

As Mayor of LEGO City, one of your key duties will be managing the emergency response services that keep LEGO City citizens safe and secure. The qualified applicant must be able to put out fires, both literally and figuratively. This should be no problem with the help of the LEGO City Fire Station and its courageous team of firefighters. Hop in a fire truck for a ride-along with LEGO City’s bravest citizens.

Believe it or not, crime is on the rise in the formerly peaceful LEGO City. By assembling a task force of police officers to help tackle the City’s crime problem, the new Mayor will ensure that citizens are well protected from the dangerous criminal element. The City council recommends that the new Mayor consider overhauling the LEGO City Forest Police Station in order to combat the recent increase in bear attacks. Polls show that safe neighbourhoods and forests are a priority for voters.


Add-Ons for All your Civic Needs.

The new Mayor may soon find that governing “The Brick City” isn’t as easy as initially anticipated. Luckily, the LEGO City Council has approved funds for additional fire trucks, planes and helicopters, and even a police K9 unit to provide assistance to those in need. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates.