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MacBook Air

Watch heavy workloads
vanish into thin Air.

Slim in size and supercharged on power, the MacBook Air lets you think big when it comes to watching your ideas take shape. Accelerate your apps and trim the time on completing tasks with the robust Intel Core processors, part of every MacBook.

MacBook Air



The Apple MacBook Air: Pure perfection in laptop form

All laptops say they’re portable, but the Apple MacBook Air really means it. Incredibly thin and light, it’s easy to carry from room to room or across town. While MacBook Airs aren’t designed for ultra-demanding tasks, they’re perfectly suited for the majority of laptop users. Often imitated but never replicated, the MacBook Air touchpad provides an ultra-intuitive way to click, scroll, and swipe.

Power to do you

With a fourth-generation Intel Core processor and up to 8GB RAM, a MacBook Air has lots of multitasking power so you can seamlessly switch between writing an email, typing in Word, browsing through photos and skipping to the next song on your playlist.

Instant gratification

To save space and time, the MacBook Air forgoes a traditional hard drive for a solid state drive (SSD). Because an SSD doesn’t need to spin, it accesses data much more quickly and it’s less prone to damage. This means the MacBook Air is always ready when you are, so you’ll never have to wait for it to boot up.



Do MacBook Airs have enough storage for me?

The MacBook Air has up to 512GB of flash storage. If you think that might not be enough, you can keep your files on an external drive, which you should be doing anyways to back up your data. You can also take advantage of cloud storage for access to all your files whenever you want them.

Should I choose a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro has more system memory and flash storage space than a MacBook Air. This provides more powerful performance, but it also adds to the weight and size of your laptop. If you want to use your MacBook for demanding activities like photo or video editing then a MacBook Pro might be a better choice. If you normally use your laptop for everyday tasks and carry it on your commute, the portability and design of the MacBook Air can’t be beat.

How long will the battery last per charge?

The MacBook Air is designed to be portable, so it’s engineered to deliver extremely good battery life. Your battery life will depend on which applications you’re using, but you can expect your 13-inch MacBook Air to last up to 12 hours per charge.

What if I need an optical drive?

The MacBook Air is so slim and light in part because it doesn’t have a built-in optical drive. While most software and drivers are available as a download in today’s disc-less world, you can always purchase an external optical drive to plug into your laptop via USB if you need to use a disc.

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