MacBook Air



The Apple MacBook Air: Pure perfection in laptop form

All laptops say they’re portable, but the Apple MacBook Air really means it. Incredibly thin and light, it’s easy to carry from room to room or across town. The MacBook Air also boasts extremely good battery life, so even if your favourite coffee shop has covered up all the outlets in a futile attempt to rid itself of loiterers, you can still sit there all day sipping a cold latte and working on your dystopian dinosaur novel.

Power to do you

While the MacBook Air is not designed for ultra-demanding tasks like hardcore PC gaming or professional video editing, it is perfectly designed for the activities and tasks that most people need a laptop for. It’s equipped with the latest Intel processors and powerful apps so you can start working and playing right away. Oft imitated but never replicated, the MacBook Air touchpad provides an ultra-intuitive way to navigate your content and applications.

Instant gratification

You know how it can feel like an eternity from the time your turn on your computer to when you can actually start using it? That lag time will never happen with the MacBook Air. Thanks to its super speedy solid state drive, this MacBook boots up in virtually no time at all, so it will never make you wait.

What about storage?

A solid state drive generally means less local storage space than a traditional hard drive, with the MacBook Air offering 128GB or 256GB of space. If you’re worried about running out of storage, you can keep your files on an external drive, which you should be doing anyways to back up your data. You can also take advantage of cloud storage for access to all your files whenever you want them.