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Computer Mice at Future Shop

Having the right computer mouse is the difference between a fun, easy, and productive computing experience and an exercise in frustration and annoyance. Computer mice from manufacturers like Logitech, Microsoft, HP, and others come in a variety of types and form factors. When you’re browsing Future Shop’s huge selection of mice keep the benefits of each type in mind so you can find the one that’s right for you.


Corded and Cordless Mice

Mice with cords are easy to install – usually you just plug it into a USB port on your laptop or desktop and within seconds you can start using it. Some corded mice feature retractable cables, which makes them easy to carry to the coffee shop or on a business trip.

Cordless mice use wireless Bluetooth or radio frequency (RF) technology to transmit signals, so you can enjoy the freedom of mousing without cords to get in the way. RF wireless mice require that you plug a small dongle into a USB port on your computer, while Bluetooth mice can work with the Bluetooth technology that’s built into your laptop or desktop.


Optical and Laser Mice

Earlier generations of computer mice used a rolling ball in the bottom section of the mouse to track movement, but most of the mouse models you’ll find today use optical or laser technology. Both of these types use light to detect the mouse’s movements, but an optical mouse uses an LED to generate the light while a laser mouse uses, well, a laser. The main difference between the two mouse technologies is how sensitive the tracking is. Optical mice typically track between 400 dpi (dots per inch) to 800 dpi, while laser mice are capable of tracking movement much more precisely, even over 8000 dpi. If you need that high level of precision, you might be better off spending a little bit more for a laser mouse.

Newer optical and laser mice models have special technologies that allow them to detect movement on unusual surfaces that regular mice might have trouble with like glass surfaces, carpet, or even your pants leg.


Touch-sensitive Mice

Due to the popularity of touchscreen interfaces (like the ones you see on smartphones and tablets), some mice are being equipped with touch capabilities. You can scroll, swipe, and tap the touch-sensitive surfaces of these mice to intuitively navigate through your applications and files.




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