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Mixers & Food Processors



Mixers: Add Some Quality to the Mix

Serious cooks and bakers need serious tools to create their culinary masterpieces, and when it comes to cooking tools a good mixer is a crucial part of your kitchen arsenal. Whether you’re whipping up egg whites for a soufflé, mixing up some cookie dough, or kneading dough to make a batch of focaccia bread, a quality mixer from KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, or Breville is your best friend in the kitchen.



A hand mixer is great for small, quick mixing jobs. Since they’re generally smaller than stand mixers they’re easy to put away in a cabinet or drawer and most models come with multiple speed settings – just choose the speed that meets your need. However, if you cook or bake regularly and need a more heavy-duty mixing tool, then a stand mixer is the one you want. Consider what types of ingredients you’ll be mixing and choose the mixer that can get the job done – you’ll need more horsepower to mix up cookie dough than you will for whipping cream. Choose a bowl capacity that’s big enough to handle larger jobs, like your grandma’s recipe for three-layer cake, and models with speed variations can be useful for mixing different types of ingredients. Don’t add dry ingredients while mixing at high speed unless you want to clean it off your kitchen’s walls!


Mixer Attachments

Adding attachments can augment your mixer’s versatility and usefulness. Pick up a larger bowl if your mixer’s original bowl isn’t quite big enough, or make your kids’ eyes light up by getting an ice cream maker attachment. A pasta roller and cutter set is great for kneading pasta dough and cutting it into sheets or slicing it into fettuccini.




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