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MP3 Players



MP3 Players are for Music Lovers

The MP3 player literally changed the music industry. Never before was it possible – or even fathomable – to carry hundreds of hours of music on a device that fits in your pocket. Available in a range of sizes from 2GB all the way up to 200GB and beyond, these devices offer an outstanding listening experience for anyone with a huge music collection and a varied taste in tunes. Future Shop carries the biggest selection of the best MP3 players from brands like Sony, Coby, Archos, SanDisk, Philips, Hip Street, and more.

An MP3 Player for More than Just Music

Many MP3 players are also capable of playing other media, including images and video – making them the perfect entertainment device. If you play on using your MP3 player for more than music, make sure that it has ample storage (8GB is a good starting point for video, but more is better), as well as a screen size that offers a good view of the content.

Whether you’re looking for a way to carry your entire digital music collection with you everywhere, or a small device that fits your workout playlist, Future Shop has a huge selection of types, colours, sizes, and brands to choose from.

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