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New Cameras 2014


Just announced:

Sony RX100 III

More powerful than its critically-acclaimed, best-selling predecessors and packed with new features like faster lens, electronic viewfinder and enhanced video-recording.

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Now available:

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

Preloaded with smart technology to help you capture better photos while packing double the memory, enhanced battery life and advanced WiFi/NFC capabilities.

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Now available:

Fuji X-E2

The X-E2 delivers image quality that surpasses most APS-C DSLRs. Plus with blazing fast 0.08 second autofocus, you’ll never need to wait for your next shot.

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Now available:

Fuji X-T1

The weather-resistant Fuji X-T1 fuses high performance optics with a compact form factor, all while crafted to deliver a premium photography experience in a stylish body.

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Now available:

SONY α6000

The supremely small, lightweight Sony α6000 mirrorless camera features a super fast autofocus system and the same size APS-C sensor found in most DSLRs.

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The New Year brings new cameras.

Check out the latest technology of 2014.

Every year sees major upgrades to the latest camera technology, and that is certainly true for 2014. Manufacturers are moving toward a camera that truly has it all: professional-level features that a smartphone can’t touch with the compact size and connectivity that smartphones excel at.

New cameras in 2014 will prioritize convenience, shareability, and advanced features that enable sharper images with greater detail and brilliance. So stop compromising, and get in on the biggest camera trends of 2014.

Bigger sensors, smaller cameras.

New cameras are finding ways to pack in more features while decreasing their form factor. A full frame sensor used to mean heavy, bulky equipment – not anymore. Cameras like the Sony Alpha 7 mirrorless camera maintain a compact, user-friendly design but still boast a full frame sensor for the best possible high-res images.

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Image sensor size, not megapixels, is what matters.

Breakthrough performance.

Ultra-advanced specs make it easier to achieve better colour and focus with the touch of a button, so you can capture spontaneous shots that look like you spent ages optimizing your settings. Expect faster, more precise autofocus systems, advanced processors, and a lack of blur-causing anti-aliasing filters.

The new GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition allows you to capture the world in the most immersive wide-angle perspective. It’s 20% smaller and lighter, has 33% sharper images, and 30% longer battery life than its best-selling predecessor.

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Super connected cameras.

One of the most important camera trends is WiFi and NFC connectivity, which shows up on a range of new models in 2014. With a connected camera you can easily share photos just like a smartphone, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality. WiFi and NFC make it easy to share your images with your smartphone or directly to the web for instant admiration. The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 features WiFi and 3G/4G connectivity, so you can immediately share everything you shoot no matter where you are.

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It's easier than ever to find a camera that suits your needs – and your budget.

More features for less money.

Just because a camera is affordable doesn’t mean it has to skimp on great features. The budget-friendly Nikon COOLPIX L830 camera is an entry-level full-size mega zoom camera that boasts a powerful 34x zoom lens and Nikon’s latest technology for beautiful images up close or far away.

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Cameras that do more.

Nowadays, personal electronics rarely have just one function, and digital cameras are no exception. Some of the most unique digital cameras you’ll see this year are the Sony QX10 and QX100 lens cameras, which are shaped like a camera lens with a mount that clips onto your smartphone. This lets you use your smartphone’s intuitive interface while taking advantage of Sony’s superior digital imaging technology.

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For important events, capture memories with sharp, HD video.

Shoot like a cinematographer.

Now you can shoot spectacular video without balancing a clunky camera on your shoulder. With high-tech handheld camcorders and digital cameras, you can shoot everything from Full HD home movies to debut short films. Many of the new camcorders of 2014 are capable of capturing professional quality video. A DSLR camera such as the Canon 70D is another option thanks to its ultra-quiet autofocus that won’t interfere with the sound in your videos.

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