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Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL & 2DS



Nintendo 3DS: It’s Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

The Nintendo 3DS provides 3D gaming without the need for any glasses, and better yet since it’s a handheld console you can play 3D games everywhere you go! The stereoscopic 3D upper screen creates an additional field of depth in your games, making it feel like you’re peering into a fully-realized, 3-dimensional world. The 3D Depth Slider allows you to control the 3D effect – you can even turn it all the way down to leave the display at 2D. The 3DS’s built in motion sensor and gyro react to your movements, so you can tilt and turn the system to play select games. The amazing 3D effects aren’t only limited to the games – two forward-facing cameras allow you to take 3D photos, creating an effect similar to a 3D game, with the ability to take 3D videos coming soon. The 3DS comes pre-loaded with cool features including AR Games, which uses the dual outer cameras and included AR Cards to create an amazing augmented reality experience. Connect the 3DS to your wireless home network or any Wi-Fi hotspot and you can browse the web, buy games through the Nintendo eShop, and stream movies and TV shows from Netflix.


Nintendo 3DS Games

You really need to see the amazing 3D gaming effect for yourself to believe how cool it is. The selection of 3DS games is growing rapidly, including titles starring Mario, Link (Legend of Zelda), and Pokémon. You can also add to your collection by downloading DSiWare games, as well as classic handheld favourites from the Game Boy era. The Nintendo 3DS is compatible with most Nintendo DS games, so you’ll be able to enjoy your current collection on your new console.


Nintendo 3DS Accessories

The Nintendo 3DS already comes packed full of fun features, but the right accessories can make the experience even better. Pick up a case, screen protector, extra styluses, power adapters, and more from brands like i-CON and Rocketfish.


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