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Nintendo DS



Nintendo DS: Double the Screens, Double the Fun

The Nintendo DS (NDS) gaming handhelds are based on one core concept: when you have two screens, you end up having a lot more fun – especially when one of those screens is touch sensitive! The current Nintendo DS family is represented by the DSi and DSi XL models, the 3rd and 4th generations of the DS line. The “i” in “DSi” symbolizes the two camera “eyes” built into this sleek handheld, one facing the user and the other facing outward. Use the built-in lenses to playfully distort and modify images, either before or after you snap the shot. The “i” also stands for “Internet” because the DSi can connect to your existing wireless network or any Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to easily share your photos on Facebook. You can also hop online to access the DSiWare Shop and browse a wide selection of original downloadable games, surf the web, or hook up with your friends and play games head-to-head.


The DSi XL is like a super-sized version of the DSi, with screens that are 93% larger than the 2nd generation DS Lite model. The DSi XL comes with 3 pre-installed games and a large stylus that’s comfortable to use during those long gaming sessions.


Nintendo DS Games

The Nintendo DS game library is enormous, so you’ll never run out of cool new games to try out. The DSi and DSi XL are compatible with almost all the DS titles, and your favourite games will look fantastic on the larger DSi XL screens. Go online directly on your DSi to visit the DSiWare Shop and you can explore a world of fun, original downloadable games and applications. It’s like having a complete game store within your DSi or DSi XL!


Nintendo DS Accessories

After you’ve fallen in love with your DS handheld (and you will), you’ll want to accessorize it so you can protect it and truly make it yours. Pick out a protective case, slap on a decorative skin, choose a uniquely designed extra stylus, or get a starter kit that has all of the above from brands like i-CON, Dreamgear, Rocketfish, Hip Street, and Intec.


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