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Nintendo Wii



Nintendo Wii: Family-friendly Fun That’ll Get You Moving

The Nintendo Wii console started the motion gaming revolution, bringing a whole new social gaming experience to living rooms around the world. With the Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck controllers in your hands, you can go deeper into the action than ever before: swing your sword to battle through hordes of enemies, rotate a wheel to steer your car through intense racing action, or flick your wrist and bowl a perfect strike. The Wii’s extensive library includes games featuring all of Nintendo’s beloved characters like Mario, Link (Legend of Zelda), Samus (Metroid), Kirby, Pokemon, and more. Link the Wii to your Internet connection and you can play games against friends or strangers online, visit the Wii Shop for new and classic games, or stream a huge selection of movies and TV shows through the Netflix app.


Wii Games

With an extensive library of over 1600 games and counting, you’ll be sure to find something that every member of your family will want to play. Future Shop carries a huge selection of Wii games, but you can also access classic titles from throughout Nintendo’s 25+ year history through the Virtual Console. Relive fond childhood memories and purchase favourites from consoles like Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, SEGA Genesis, and more. If you’re looking for even more variety check out WiiWare, a unique selection of original and innovative downloadable games.


Wii Accessories

When it comes to Wii social games the more players the better, so make sure you’ve got a few extra Wii Remote Plus controllers on hand for your next get-together. A Classic controller is a must for playing previous generation games from the Virtual Console, a racing wheel brings driving games to life, and a sports kit makes it feel almost like you’re actually playing your favourite outdoor activity. Cool accessories from brands like i-CON, Hip Street, Rocketfish, and Intec make your favourite games even more fun and immersive.

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