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Track more than just your steps with a fitness tracker

The fitness tracker market is rapidly expanding beyond pedometer technology. While most fitness trackers will count your steps, you can go beyond that and get a full scope of your health and well-being with a tracker that can show you so much more. It doesn’t have to be fancy but as you dive into the world of statistics, you might be surprised at the patterns that emerge and the more you might want to know. When deciding what the best fitness tracker is for you, you’ll have to think of how you want to be using this technology in your own life. Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you narrow it down:

1. What does a fitness tracker do?

A fitness tracker is a way to monitor your everyday doings, from physical exertion to sleeping activities. This data is collected and offers you an idea of your daily patterns. You can compare and compete with these daily readouts to motivate yourself, whether you’re aiming for a certain goal or just wanting to improve your daily lifestyle.

2. What are some of the top tracking features?

Some of the most basic tracking features include steps, distance, sleep, and calories burned. Some fitness trackers offer tracking for selective activities such as cycling, running, or swimming to create and more detailed view of how your body is working during those activities. Some more complex trackers will track your diet and sleep patterns with more precision.

3. What product features are you looking for?

Some of the top product features of the fitness tracker themselves include wake up alarms, alerts (such as if you stay still for too long), and water resistance so you can take it into the pool or shower with you. Many of these features allow your tracker to double as your watch so you don’t feel overly cluttered. Many trackers now offer a sleek and understated look in order to fit in with your personal style rather than standing out as a “nerdy gizmo or gadget.”

4. What kind of connectivity and compatibility can you expect?

Most fitness trackers sync up with your smartphone or tablet in order to keep track of your stats. Many trackers offer a free app to go with the tracker that allows you to upload, share, and compare with friends and family. More and more, there are third party apps such as RunKeeper or Strava that will work much in the same way. When shopping for a fitness tracker, make sure it’s compatible with your smartphone or computer operating system so that you won’t have any excuse to not use it.

5. Why would you buy a fitness tracker?

Like a personal trainer, the best fitness tracker will keep you motivated for whatever goal you’re trying to accomplish while relaying important data to you about your such as day-to-day activities, diet, sleep, and more. Maybe you’re training for your first marathon or you’re just the kind of person who really enjoys knowing what’s going on with your body in your daily lifestyle. Maybe you’ve had a health scare and want to keep yourself on-track. Regardless of what inspires you, a fitness tracker will help you put your best foot forward.

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