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Play Yard: Get the Perfect Play Yard or Playpen for Your Baby from Future Shop

A play yard (also called “playards”) or playpen (a.k.a. “play pen”) is a convenient and portable way to give your baby a place to play or sleep away from the bedroom at home, like if you’re out in the garden or staying in a hotel on vacation. Playards are contained on all four sides, so if your baby is already in the crawling stage this can keep your infant safe and secure while you’re busy attending to other things. Play pens can be collapsed and folded up to make them more portable, which makes them ideal as a portable crib to bring along when you’re on a trip. More deluxe playpens/play yards come with attachments for baby change tables and bassinets that perch on the railing, so you can take care of your newborn without having to reach down too far and strain your back.