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Power Tools



Tools and Hardware – Get the job done

Whether you’re new to the D.I.Y game or buying hardware for a big, professional job, having the right tools on hand will help you to easily achieve your aims. Tool sets make the perfect gift for shop and automotive students, while a replacement for a broken or lost tool will always make a handy person smile. Here at Future Shop we carry a huge assortment of tools and hardware, all with free shipping on orders above $25. So, if you’ve never shopped for tools online there’s never been a better time to take the plunge.

Hand Tools and Power Tools

Perfect for use around the home, a good set of hand tools can make smaller jobs a breeze. If you notice a screw loose, fixtures hanging or even just some loose bolts, there’s no need to call in the big guns. Simply reach for a screwdriver, hammer, or snips and watch the problem melt away. When the occasion calls for something a little bigger, it’s time to call in some power tools.

Featuring everything from electric drills to heat guns and shop vacuums, Future Shop carries the selection of tools online you’ll need to craft masterpieces both at home and in the working world.

Flashlights and Lightbulbs

Useful for power cuts and working in dark places, a good flashlight should be considered an essential purchase as you don’t want to get caught without when you need it most. Most flashlights will contain an LED or halogen light and some self-powered ones even dispense with the need for batteries, making them perfect for long periods left in storage.

Lightbulbs are one product you simply don’t want to be caught without around the home and Future Shop carries a full range of bulbs catering for both indoor and outdoor use.

Other Hardware

For anyone who works outdoors or around heavy machinery, safety clothing should be considered an essential. Keeping those clothes looking sharp and hole-free is also important, which is why a sewing machine might come in handy.