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Print Without Limits

Today’s printers can print beautiful photos and professional-looking documents, but they’re also capable of lots more. Home and small office printers are generally broken down into two types: inkjet and laser. Inkjet printers are easy to use, affordable, and produce great results, making them great for casual use and home businesses. Laser printers are also good in the home, but their fast printing speed, low cost per page and top quality output also make them ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. All inkjet printers create full colour documents, while laser printers are available in monochrome (black and white) and colour models. Choose the printer that meets your needs from well-known brands such as HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother, and Kodak.

Photo Printers

Slip some photo paper into one of these inkjet printers, hit Print, and you’ll get high quality photographs at an affordable price. They’re not just for photos – documents will come out looking sharp and professional in full colour on a photo printer.

All-in-one / Multifunction Printers

These multi-tasking machines can do it all. All-in-one printers can include high-res scanners, fax machines, multi-feed paper trays, and the ability to print on both sides of the paper. Some have wireless capabilities so they can connect to your existing wireless network and accept print jobs from any computer, smartphone, or tablet on the network. Some are equipped with memory card slots and LCD screens, so you can print photos directly from your camera’s memory card.

Specialty Printers

Sometimes you need to print on something other than just regular paper. Enter specialty printers. Get more organized with a label printer or take a portable thermal printer with you so you can print from your mobile device on the road.


Here are a few tips to get you thinking about what kind of printer you need.

1. Quality and Quantity

Start thinking about your printing usage. Are you a student who needs to print out revisions after revisions of essays? Are you an avid nature photographer who likes print and frame their best shots? Getting an idea of what you’re going to be printing on a regular basis and how much printing you’ll be doing will help you decide on a printer. Maybe you want an all-in-one that has all the bells and whistles or maybe you just need a simple yet tough workhorse printer.

2. Grade A Printing

If you need (or just prefer) to be able to print professional quality prints such as documents for clients or vivid photos, you should probably invest in a higher-quality printer.

3. Printer Placement

How much space do you have for your new printer? Perhaps you’re living in a dorm and need something sleek and compact. Or you’ve just started up a home office with tons of space. Once you figure that out, you can move on to the next decision.

4. Bells and Whistles

How fancy do you want to get with your printer? Having a wireless printer connected to your network will give you more freedom in terms of being able to print from wherever you are in the space plus printing from multiple types of devices. Getting a multipurpose printer will allow you to scan, fax, and email documents in one place.

5. To Colour or Not to Colour

If you’re mostly printing documents, essays, articles or other text-heavy picture-light documents, you can probably stick to a more wallet-friendly black and white printer. On the other hand, if you’d like to have the option to print off a favourite photo or funny card for a friend, then maybe talk yourself into a more versatile printer.

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