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PS Vita



PlayStation Vita: The World of Portable Gaming Just Got Larger

Imagine taking a PlayStation 3 console, shrinking it down so it can fit nicely into your hands, adding a gorgeous 5” touchscreen display, and taking it with you wherever you go. Imagination becomes reality with the Sony PlayStation Vita, a handheld device that represents a new level of portable entertainment and wireless connectivity. Armed with a stunning HD OLED 5” touchscreen on the front, an innovative rear touch pad on the back, front and back cameras, Wi-Fi and optional 3G connectivity, motion sensors, and dual analog sticks, the PS Vita is ready blow away the limits on handheld entertainment.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination: use the cameras to merge the real and virtual worlds into augmented reality, tap the multi-touch screen to go hands-on with your favourite games, and rotate the PS Vita to steer in select racing games. Connectivity is one of the core features of the PS Vita, so you can challenge a buddy to play online while you’re on the bus, chat on the fly while you’re in the middle of a multi-player game or watching a video, or browse and web and update your social networks no matter where you are.

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