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Race, Fly, Sail, and Collect

Modern day RC vehicles can conquer land, air, and sea and accomplish some pretty amazing feats. Whether you’re looking for an off-road buggy that can take jumps at high speed or a helicopter that lets you see its point of view while you fly it from your tablet, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Conquer the Streets and the Dunes

Want to play with a radio control (RC) car that burns rubber at speeds up to 160km/h? Cruise through our collection of land RC vehicles and pick out an awesome ride from Traxxas.

Go Above the Clouds

Take to the skies and pilot an RC helicopter through the house while its point of view is displayed on a screen in your hands. Shop our air RC selection, and get ready for takeoff with toys from Parrot, Litehawk, Protocol, and more.

Ride the Waves

Want to drive an RC speedboat that can blast through the waves on the lake at up to 80km/h? Discover our collection of marine RC toys and cut through the waves with a graceful sailboat or powerful speedboat from brands like Litehawk and Traxxas.

Trick Out Your Ride

Want to add some extra juice to your RC vehicle or find that spare part that’ll boost performance? Browse our selection of RC parts and accessories and get what you need to keep your motor running.

Relive Your Favourite Moments

Put a scale model moon lander or Delorean right on your mantle. Take a look at our collectible models and replicas and relive legendary moments in history and film with brands like Dragon and Diamond.