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Refurbished Laptops

Compute in confidence
with a refurbished laptop.

Rethink how you approach tasks and refresh your perspective
on projects with a refurbished laptop. Thoroughly tested to
ensure quality, refurbished laptops are an affordable alternative
to new models.

Compute in confidence with a refurbished laptop.



Refurbished Laptops: Amazing Deals on Quality Laptops at Future Shop

How would you like to get a top-quality laptop that’s been tested and certified to be in as-new condition, but for an incredibly low price? If you’re jumping up and down in excitement at this prospect then you’ll want to check out our selection of refurbished laptops. These refurbished, refreshed, or recertified computers are manufacturer-certified to be in top condition so they perform just like a brand new laptop, but they’re available at a much lower price point so you’ll be able to take advantage of amazing deals.

Refurbished laptops come with shortened manufacturer warranties, but you can pick up a Protection Service Plan to protect your investment with terms that are either comparable or better than most manufacturer warranties.