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Scanners: Digitize Your Details

The simplest way to think of a scanner is as a gateway between your physical and digital lives. A scanner can take your photos, documents, business cards, receipts, film negatives, and more and transform them into digital information, which you can easily sort, organize, copy, share, and print. Many all-in-one printers include a scanner, but standalone scanners come in different varieties, some of which serve very specific functions. With a wide selection of scanner types available at Future Shop, you can choose the perfect scanner for your needs.

Flatbed Scanners

Flatbed scanners are large and flat, which makes them ideal for scanning documents or multiple photographs at the same time. Just lay them down on the surface, close the lid, and start scanning.

Portable Scanners

These smaller, lightweight scanners are easy to carry around and work by feeding the document, photo, business card, or receipt through the machine. They’re particular useful for travelling business people or anybody else who needs to digitize information while on the road.

Popular Scanner Features

Many scanners come with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, which analyzes the scanned material, picks out letters, numbers, and other characters, and translates them into text files that can be easily read and edited. Some deluxe scanners feature automatic document feeder mechanisms so they can scan a whole stack of papers, rather than forcing you to feed documents in one at a time.