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Tassimo: Barista Perfection in a Compact Machine

Hosting a private tea party, keeping caffeinated through the night shift, or serving guests with different tastes? Tassimo machines brew for any lifestyle. Eco-friendly and efficient, Tassimo heats water quickly and only when you need it. It won’t hog countertop space with its sleek, compact design so it’s ideal for any size apartment, studio, home, or office.


Big, bold brews in a barcode

To brew perfect tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and more, Tassimo reads the barcode on the top of every T DISC. That barcode tells Tassimo the ingredients and recipes for each beverage that you brew. Like a master barista, the barcode ensures that your Tassimo uses the correct amount of water at just the right temperature. Looking for a delicious single cup beverage? Check out our selection of T DISCs and T DISC accessories from Second Cup, Nabob, Twinings, and more.

Easy, Pure, and Enduring

Our collection of Tassimo single serve brewers from Bosch and Tassimo are quick and easy to plug in and use. In up to 20 languages, Tassimo can guide you through its three-step brewing process and adjust to fit your mugs and cups with ease.

If you’re dreading having to housebreak your Tassimo, fear not – equipped with an automatic cleaning and descaling program your Tassimo cleans up after itself. Additionally, the Mavea filtration system clears your drinks of unwanted chemicals, so you get purely tasty beverages and a cleaner, longer lasting brewer.