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Travel Power Adapters



What to Think About When Buying a Travel Power Adapter

When travelling, you’ll have to make sure you have an adapter as some countries won’t have the same outlets and/or voltages as your own. Pick up a universal converter that has multiple plugs so you don’t get caught off guard if you decide to do a quick side trip into another country.

Voltage Converters and Transformers

Different countries will have different voltages so check your device to see if it’s single-voltage, dual-voltage, or multi-voltage. If it’s single-voltage, you’ll have to get a travel adapter with a voltage converter or pick up a travel power converter or transformer on its own to ensure you don’t short out your electronics. For dual- or multi-voltage capabilities, you won’t need a converter or transformers. Voltage transformers are definitely needed when you have single-voltage electronic devices with chips, circuits, or electronic motors. Converters will typically have a Hi and a Lo setting to balance the amount of energy going into your device. Something like a hair dryer will require more energy while something like an electric shaver won’t require as much and you would use the lo setting. Some devices are set up to be dual voltage so they can run on 110v or 220v so you won’t need a converter. You can figure out what your device needs by looking at its attached label.

Plug Adapters

Most travel adapters will come with multiple plugs so you can use them in a variety of countries. A universal travel plug adapter allows you to get power in up to 160 countries. They can either come in a one-piece block with different plugs that slide out or they can be a set of loose adapter pieces that fit into a main adapter plug for variety of outlets. Check to make sure you have the right plug for the country you’re travelling to.

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