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Ultra-portable, ultra-powerful: Ultrabooks.

Lightweight and portable, an ultrabook is designed to go anywhere you do. But don't think they're light on performance: ultrabooks pack power. They can handle lots of tasks, from intensive programs to immersive games, with seamless connectivity and long battery life.

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Travel light with a powerful processor punch with Future Shop’s Ultrabooks.

Intel Processors

Each Ultrabook is equipped with an Intel processor to ensure powerful processing, faster data transfer, and responsive multitasking. Take care of any business related work with any one of the variety of processor options. They’re also great for casual gaming and video editing so you’ll have no trouble getting your next viral video out onto the web.

Sleek Design

The Ultrabook’s slim design allows it to fit everywhere and can go anywhere. Weighing in at less than four pounds and a thickness measurement of an inches or less, these computers won’t take up a lot of space in your bag.

Durable Storage

Accident prone? Feel better with the Ultrabook’s solid state drives or hybrid drives. No moving parts in the solid state drive means peace of mind for all of life’s bumps and bruises. The hybrid drives gives the best of both worlds with lots of storage coupled with a faster boot time.

Wake Up in a Flash

Don’t wait for your computer to catch up. The Ultrabook is awake and ready to go in seconds so you can get back to what you were working on. The speed doesn’t stop there – this computer gives you faster access to files, applications, web browsing, and more.

Built-in Security

Intel and McAfee have come together to give you the best in security for your laptop. Put your worries aside with built-in security against viruses, hacking as well as faster data encryption to keep your information safe without bogging down your system.

Tablet Capabilities

Some Ultrabooks come with tablet features such as touch screen capabilities. With the ability to flip, detach, or slide the screen off for an even lighter and sleeker tablet, you don’t have to make the choice between laptop and tablet.

Battery Life

The streamlined state of the Ultrabooks gives it great battery life thanks to a simple design, size of the battery, type of storage chosen, and the power efficiency of the Intel processors. Generally, they will last for a full work day, between 5 and 8 hours. Solid state drive and more compact Ultrabooks tend to last the longest.