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Dyson Animal Stick Vacuum (DC45AN)

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Dyson Animal Stick Vacuum (DC62AN) - Purple

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Vacuums: A Clean Home Is a Happy Home

You already know you need a vacuum to keep your floors clean, but how do you know which one will work best for your home? Of course one of the main considerations will be what type of flooring you have, whether it’s carpeted or bare (hardwood, laminate, or tile), but you also need to think about what types of cleaning jobs you’ll be doing, like whole-house cleanings or quick clean-up jobs. If any family members have asthma or allergy concerns, you can look for a vacuum that’s Asthma and Allergy Friendly Certified to help reduce the amount of harmful particles on surfaces and in the air. Many larger vacuums either use bags or are bagless: with a bag you simply toss the dirt-filled bag when it’s full, but you’ll need to buy replacement bags. Bagless vacuums trap dirt in a cup that you dump out, but you run the risk of dust billowing out of the cup, and bagless vacuums have filters that need to be cleaned as well.

Once you’ve got those details in mind browse through models from vendors like Dyson, LG, Hoover, Dirt Devil, Miele, Duravac, Raycop, Samsung, Euroflex, and Armor to find the one that’ll work best for you.


Upright Vacuums

One of the main benefits of upright vacuums is they require less stooping and bending when you’re vacuuming floors, which is easier on your posture. You can find models that are good for carpeted or bare floors, and most models come with hose attachments that allow you to get into those harder-to-reach places. Most of the uprights available at Future Shop are bagless, so no need to keep buying bags – just empty the canister into your garbage.


Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuums are generally powerful and versatile, cleaning equally well on smooth or carpeted floors. Many models come with smaller, lighter canisters, which make them better than uprights for cleaning on stairways, and you can find vacuums that either use bags or are bagless.


Stick Vacuums

Ideal for bare floors and thin carpets, stick vacuums and sweepers combine the sweeping power of brooms with the suction of a light vacuum. These products are generally best for light-duty cleaning or quick clean-up jobs.


Robot Vacuums

The future is here! Robot vacuums use state-of-the-art technology to clean your floors, both carpeted and bare, all at the touch of a button. The vacuum can be scheduled to work while you’re away, and when the battery runs down it’ll automatically return to its base to charge up. Robot vacuums use sensors and special mapping systems to avoid obstacles and find the quickest, most efficient way to clean your floors.


Handheld Vacuums

Some messes are too small to bother retrieving and setting up your main vacuum cleaner. Handheld vacuums are perfect for these situations – most have built-in rechargeable batteries and aren’t tied down by electrical cords, so you can take them anywhere you need to clean something up, like to the garage to vacuum your car’s seats. Once you’re done just plug the charging cord back in and it’ll be powered up and ready for your next cleaning emergency.


Specialty Vacuums

When the job is too big or messy for a regular vacuum, then a specialty model like a steam cleaner or wet/dry vacuum might be required to save the day. Steam cleaners use pressurized steam to clean floors, counters, windows, and more without any harsh chemicals, while wet/dry vacuums are useful when you need to clean up both liquid and solid messes.


Vacuum Accessories

With the right accessories you can keep your vacuum running in tip top shape. If you have a model that uses bags make sure to swap the bags on a regular basis, and check your owner’s manual for when you should replace the filter to maintain maximum suction. Future Shop also offers replacement attachment tools, spot cleaners, and cleaning kits to help your vacuum work even better.




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