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Vitamins, Supplements & Health Food



Give your well-being a boost with quality vitamins, supplements, and health foods

Let’s face it – modern living gets pretty stressful sometimes. Do you feel like your life is ruled by your smartphone? You know your well-being is supposed to come first. You know you need to rest, exercise, and eat properly. But in a hurried world full of appointments, deadlines, and responsibilities, sometimes you neglect your own needs. Give your well-being a helpful shot in the arm with vitamins, supplements, and health foods from Future Shop.



Remember Mom telling you to eat your vegetables? She knew that every broccoli stem and carrot stick on your plate was a nutritional powerhouse for your body. Vitamins are essential elements for keeping healthy. You’ve probably heard of vitamins like A, B, C, D, E, and K. Your body requires them for maintaining optimal health and keeping your bodily functions running smoothly. Not getting enough of the vitamins you need adversely affects your health and well-being. Taking too much of a particular vitamin isn’t a good idea. More is not necessarily better. Get some advice from a health professional if you’re thinking about taking vitamins regularly.



The human body is an incredibly complex biological machine that needs all kinds of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and naturally occurring chemicals to run properly. A supplement is designed to provide your body’s functions with additional amounts of these things. There are many different kinds of supplements available. Some of them are combinations of vitamins and minerals for promoting overall wellness. There are mineral supplements to aid specific bodily functions such as circulation, digestion, and vision. Other supplements provide additional amino acids and proteins for building up muscle mass. If you’re thinking about using supplements regularly, talk to a health professional first.


Health Food

You can fortify your daily diet and boost your immune system with naturally occurring compounds, extracts, and oils, found in many kinds of plants such as ginseng, kelp, and mushrooms.




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