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Wallets and Passport Holders: Protect Your Money and Your Identity

Every experienced traveller knows the value of a good wallet to safeguard your money and passport while you travel. However, with the growing popularity of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, security-conscious travellers might want to look for wallets and passport holders that do more just hold your valuables while you’re shopping for luggage.

RFID tags have been embedded in Canadian passports since 2011 and are becoming popular in many credit cards. These tags allow the passport or card to be scanned by readers that can be up to a few metres away, which increases convenience and ease of use. However, concerns have been raised about security and possible mis-use of this scanning data, and that’s where an RFID-blocking wallet or passport holder from Kena Kai can come in useful. These products contain material that blocks radio frequencies, keeping your valuable information covered and secure. Just take your passport or card out to be scanned, then tuck it back away when you’re done to prevent any unauthorized scanning of your private details.



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