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Washers: Washing Machine, Front & Top Load Washer - Future Shop

You’re probably aware that there are two main types of washing machines – front-loading and top-loading – but you might not know the benefits of either kind. Well, that’s what we’re here for, so read on!

Front-loading washing machines are based on a newer design that has become very popular lately. They’re known for being very energy efficient, since they use less water and electricity than older top-loading washers, and that results in lower energy costs for you. They also spin faster, which removes more water from the fabrics so it takes less time and energy to dry them. There’s no central agitator like there is in top-loading machines so there’s less wear and tear on your clothes.

Top-loading washers have the benefit of better ergonomics – you don’t need to stoop or bend over in order to load or unload the machine, like you’ll do for a front-loading washer. Advances in top-loading washer technology has made them more energy efficient, so they’re very comparable in energy savings with their front-loading cousins, and top-loading washers also tend to be lower priced.

If you live in a very small apartment or are planning to move soon, you might consider the option of a portable washer. A portable washer can easily be moved around the room, and you can take it with you if you change addresses.

Washers come in gas and electric models, so you’ll want to pick the fuel type that matches with your home’s system. Future Shop carries a huge selection of both gas washers and electric washers. 



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