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Overview: the lowdown on convertible laptops

By TeddyK from 03-15-2014



The concept of a convertible is usually known as driving with the top down, and that can be one way to describe what a convertible PC is supposed to be. These are hybrids in the sense that you can use them as laptops or tablets, either by separating the screen from the keyboard or flipping it in one way or another to change the input and user experience. There are plenty to choose from, and here’s a quick look at what they’re capable of.

Review: Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows tablet

By TeddyK from 12-29-2013

Dell Venue 8 Pro main.jpg


The 8-inch tablet race isn’t one with a lot of players, but it may be the one to watch moving forward into 2014. Dell seems to think so, too, and has entered the fray with a Windows 8 tablet that runs a full version of the operating system and includes a pre-installed copy of Office Home and Student. It’s an intriguing combination of PC software mixed with the portability of a tablet, but how does a more unhindered Windows 8 look and feel on an 8-inch display?

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Tablet Buying Guide: Find the right one for the right need

By TeddyK from 11-18-2013

Nexus-7-web.jpgThe level of choice in buying a tablet, either for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, is both a good thing and bad thing. Good in that you have options to check out before making a decision, but potentially bad because of the difficulty in picking the right one. The process largely begins and ends with browsing through everything available to you. Future Shop has plenty to look at, but here are four standouts that might particular types of users.

Tablets with Windows 8 and Windows RT from Future Shop

Windows tablets: experience the power of Windows latest operating system at your fingertips.

The next evolution of Windows has officially landed and is the powerful operating system of choice for tablets. Microsoft’s latest operating system for tablets features the strength and versatility of a PC but is actually two different, yet similar, operating systems known as Windows 8 and Windows RT.


Introducing Windows 8 and Windows RT for your tablet.

Windows 8 uses Intel and AMD-based processors so it has the power and battery life of a PC as well as the ability to run Windows 7 programs. Windows RT can only run on tablets and PCs with an ARM processor that have less space and power so they can run longer and give you up to eight hours of battery life but won’t run Windows 7 applications.


Windows 8 and Windows RT: power vs longevity for your tablet.

Whether you choose the new Windows 8 or Windows RT technology for your lightweight, “go anywhere” tablet, both offer a whole new level of interactivity for a superior, uncompromised experience. Windows 8 and Windows RT feature a new Start screen with Live Tiles, amazing Apps, and complete cloud connectivity.


Use your tablet to connect, entertain, and produce.

Some Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets come with different input options like a pen or optional keyboard dock – tools you can use to boost your productivity when you’re on the go. Whether you’re a businessperson who spends lots of time on the road or someone who just wants the full Windows 8 or Windows RT experience everywhere you go, Future Shop has just the tablet you need to be connected, entertained, and productive.



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